Be Prepared for Winter

Summer is long gone and with that the cold weather creeps on in. For local Vancouverites the transition from summer to fall is quite abrupt and leaves us somewhat unprepared for the drastic change in climate.

It’s standard that the winter jackets come out, and the shorts and tanktops get put in their drawers till next year, but there are some other vital things to consider and be mindful of during these next few months.

1. Keep applying lotion and sunblock. This may seem like an odd recommendation but regardless of the colder and darker days, UV rays are still extremely powerful and just as harmful. Most foundation (for the ladies) has a slight SPF in it. Lotion also keeps your skin hydrated and refreshed all year round. No one likes dry cracked skin – ouch!

2. Chapstick. Which has to be my best friend during the winter. Your lips are constantly exposed, making them the easiest target for damage and breakage. Make sure to regularly apply to keep your lips hydrated.

3. Socks. I detest socks. I have never been a fan especially when wearing them is mandatory to keep your feet warm. Besides slippers, socks may seem like a given but they provide your body with a lot; keeping you warm, aiding off illnesses – such as the cold or flu (most people catch a cold from not having proper insulation on their feet).

4. Keep bugs out. During the summer months you aren’t likely to have to worry about rodents and creepy crawlers in your house (as much as winter time). But as soon as the temperature dips, these creatures take cover as well. Make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed and insulated.  

5. Stock up on supplies. Be prepared. Power outages, snow storms, and spending a lot more time indoors. Make sure your pantry is stocked with the staples: toilet paper, canned goods, bread, milk, the staples!

6. Prepare the car. Don’t forget, not only our homes and bodies need preparation, so do our vehicles. Make sure the proper fluids are topped up, winter tires are on, and the regular maintenance of your car is up-to-date. There is no worse time than winter for your car to start having issues.


How do you prepare for winter? Tell us some of your tips!

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