Child Care Exchange

We are so thrilled to finally be rolling out our child care exchange program. This is not only for moms who are wanting to join our team, but for any moms in the Lower Mainland.

If you are…
… a mom who wants to work, but doesn’t want to hand your paycheque over for child care (like seriously, what even is the point then??)
… a mom who forgets what it’s like to have a date night or go grocery shopping alone
… a grandma who misses having grandbabies around (you can just be an angel on the app, just offering instead of exchanging care)
…  an amazing woman who would like to be a part of a hugely supportive village

Here are the details:

Everything is done through an app called Komae ( It’s free to download, join groups, meet other parents, and set up playdates. Once you get it, just do a search for An Extra Set of Hands and it should bring up our group to join.

Now, I know what you might be thinking… You want me to just hand my kids off to a random stranger I met online?!?! Yea, no, that would be bananas. We also host get togethers around the city so everyone can get to know each other and build trust and a community mindset. Check out our Events page for our upcoming hangouts!