How Busy Families Can Save Time in the Kitchen


Whether it is because of a busy day at work, or the extracurricular activities your kids participate in, some nights it is almost impossible to juggle it all AND have dinner on the table.  Sure, fast food restaurants can be any parent’s saviour, but you would like to provide healthier meals for your kids.


There are many “lazy meal” ideas that you can make, or you can get some help!  I previously wrote about a service called Cook It. and since that post, it seems like hundreds of similar services have emerged on the market.


What are these services?  They are Meal Delivery services.  Depending on the plan you choose, they will send you the ingredients needed to make delicious, healthy recipes (also included).  It is a way of learning how to make new recipes, but you still decide what ingredients the recipes should cater to (vegetarian, gluten-free diets etc).  Rather than spend hours going grocery shopping, the boxes are delivered straight to your door.  All you have to do, is cook the meal.


While these amazing services are meant to help busy families, just deciding on which one to use can take up too much time! did all of the trial and error work for you and has come out with a list of their top choices when it comes to meal delivery services.


Their top choices were:

For Best Overall- HelloFresh

Best For Novice Chefs- Plated (U.S)

Best Recipes- Blue Apron (U.S)


For more information on how and why they came to this decision, please visit the official review page here.  Please keep in mind, some of these services only deliver to U.S residents.


However,  the Food Network was also interested in companies such as these, and compiled a list of Canadian Companies.  


Their list includes:

  1. Culiniste (Montreal)
  2. The Jolly Table (Calgary)
  3. Chef’s Plate (Toronto)
  4. Chefx (Ottawa)- site may temporarily be down
  5. Fresh City Farms (Toronto)
  6. Cook It (Montreal)
  7. Food Trip To… (Montreal)
  8. Dinnerlicious (Hamilton)
  9. Fresh Prep (Vancouver)


You can view the detailed list here.


Have you used a Meal Delivery Service?  Did it help you cook healthy meals for your family?

Please share your experiences by commenting!


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