How to Keep it Together When You’re Sick

As any parent would know, being sick when you have kids is the absolute worst! Whoever thought it was fair to let mom’s get sick while taking care of kids was just cruel. With that being said, moms (and dads) don’t always get the luxury of sleeping in or having a “sick day”.

With the weather now cold and gloomy for the next few months, it’s only natural that the common cold and flu are going to be around. We want to make sure you get the proper rest you deserve and give you some tips and tricks on how to keep it together (and hold the fort down) while you’re trying to beat a nasty bug.

1. Don’t over exert yourself – this is a problem any busy parent faces. When you aren’t feeling well don’t over-do it. We understand parenting is a lot of work; there is meal prep, going to work, pick up drop off, etc. However if you’re able to trade carpool days, order in instead of cooking – ways to make your day easier so you can get some rest.


  1. Ask for help – we know this isn’t going to be possible for everyone but if your significant other can help out a bit more and take on some extra duties, or call a friend, the grandparents, even a babysitter. Asking for that little bit of extra help can make a world of a difference.

    3. A teaching moment – when kids see a parent sick they are bound to act differently. I for one know when my son senses I don’t feel well and am lethargic he picks up on it. He is more cuddly towards me, isn’t as needy when it comes to play-time etc. As kids get older they will be able to understand and try and help out where they can.


  1. Distance yourself – this may sound hard if you have kids, but seriously who wants to pass on germs to one person and then the next… wash your hands often, keep tissues and hand sanitizer close by, and refrain from touching (hugs, kisses, etc). There’s nothing worse then getting over a cold to then pass it onto your munchkins.


  1. Stay hydrated – it goes without saying… but make sure to keep getting your liquids. Soups, water, juice, etc. What’s even better is have a little snack station close by so if you’re laying on the couch the kids have quick access and so do you.


How do you deal with being sick while managing a household? Share your tips and advice below!

Samantha is a proud single mom, who can be found “balancing” and juggling motherhood and working as a freelancer writer. As a writer and mental health advocate, she has been able to meet some amazing individuals who continue to inspire and uplift her. She only hopes to do the same for others. Whether it is sharing a personal story, struggle, or triumph, to parenting advice, she is always happy to connect, and learn from others. When she isn’t chasing after her sassy two year old son, or consumed by her laptop, she can be found in-front of her TV binge watching all the cheesy reality shows, reading, or dabbling in something artistic.

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