How to Make Cleaning Easier With a Toddler

It’s no surprise that almost every mother dreads cleaning (I have yet to meet one who enjoys it). Now throw in having a rambunctious toddler at home while you’re trying to keep the house in order… it’s a daunting and difficult task.

As a single parent, I have the added stress of not being able to “tap out” or have an extra set of hands at the end of the day to help when I need to buckle down. Over time, I have had to get creative and think of clever ways, besides stuffing my child in-front of the television, to get a few things done.

If you’re like myself and have had troubles finding a so called “balance” try out a few methods I have found effective in my household. Also always keep in mind, that whatever works for some might not always work for others.

1. Make it Fun

There is nothing a toddler wants more then to be playing, all day long. I find if I am making the activity fun or entertaining he will be more likely to stay happy and engaged. While I fold laundry I tend to sing how I am folding or what I am folding. I have noticed once one item is done he passes me another to keep the song going.

2. Give them an activity

There are some chores and tasks in my household that just aren’t sanitary or kid friendly. I don’t need his help vacuuming or cleaning the bathroom. In this case I usually give him a colouring book or small activity that will keep him amused while I get what I need done; be it a colouring book, a new toy, a puzzle, etc.

3. Clean in the morning/night

Depending your homes size and childs sleeping routines – you have the ability to clean first thing in the morning or (I’d prefer) in the evening once the munchkins are in bed. You don’t need to worry about little fingers getting in the way and once it’s clean it will stay clean… until the next day that is.

4. Be Realistic

As children get older they want to help more. My son is nearly two, so I am not going to tell him to make the bed or fold laundry. However, he can throw away his garbage, put away his toys, and clean up a spill or dirty area. While I may fold laundry I can get him to clean up his play area so it’s one less thing for me to do and gives us more time to spend together.

5. Be organized & efficient

There is nothing worse than being scatter brained when it comes to cleaning. Make a to-do list and stick to it; pencil in a set time whether it be 10 minutes or an hour. Get done what you can in that time frame. Don’t jump back and forth from one room to the next. If your little one is playing in the tv room, go do the dishes. Is it bath time? Tidy up the bathroom while your kiddo splashes around.

Did you find these tips useful? How do you make cleaning easier in your household with a toddler?

Samantha is a proud single mom, who can be found “balancing” and juggling motherhood and working as a freelancer writer. As a writer and mental health advocate, she has been able to meet some amazing individuals who continue to inspire and uplift her. She only hopes to do the same for others. Whether it is sharing a personal story, struggle, or triumph, to parenting advice, she is always happy to connect, and learn from others. When she isn’t chasing after her sassy two year old son, or consumed by her laptop, she can be found in-front of her TV binge watching all the cheesy reality shows, reading, or dabbling in something artistic.

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